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Hi! I'm Sony, I was born in British Hong Kong and i born on December, 1981. British National (oversea) Citizenship and hold a British passport.

I'm Married, with two kids.

Also i spoken Cantonese ,Mandarin and English. Spoken many languages in Hong Kong is Common.

I've traveled ever since I can remember when i was 10 and i traveled along with my family to went to Beijing, China. since the age of 18, I traveled japan alone. But now i traveled to over 49 countries across 5 continents!

I like travelling alone because it was thrilled and anxiety. So, I am interested in solo travel. 

After taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1, I started to teach japanese to the local children and Adults.

I like Geography, Religion, Politics, Ancient Civilization, Reading Histroy and Learning foreign languages. I speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin(Chinese) and Japanese and I am investing in German and French.

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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我是一個 喜歡研究地圖、研究宗教、研究古文明、研究國際關係、研究歷史,業餘旅遊玩家。

生於 1981年12月1日 英屬香港。人馬座,不羈放縱愛自由,喜愛自助遊。已婚,育有一女一子 及 助養一名斯里蘭卡女童。

第一次出國旅遊的經驗是在1992年和家人跟團到北京觀光五天,當時是小學六年級。而第一次一個人獨自旅遊,算是2000年夏天,當年18歲買了一張機票和日本JR PASS, 一個人飛到日本走馬看花,算是第一次自己計劃行程,自己買機票和訂酒店,從此愛上自助旅行。 

喜歡自駕遊、 下廚、旅遊、看電影、看書 

目前懂得粵語、英語、國語 和 日語。曾學習過德語、法語。

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初めての海外旅行は、10歳ごろ家族とツアーで中国北京へ旅行しました。そして、 18歳ごろ私は一人で日本全国旅行をしました。初めて一人旅って、少し不安があったが、興奮してドキドキもしました。







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